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"On Proliferation," "Via Negativa," "Agate Beach, Lopez Island," & "Loving After Loss," COMP: an interdisciplinary journal, Issue 4

"The Question of Surviving This," The American Poetry Review, Volume 53, Issue 2

"Via Negativa," The Missouri Review, Poem of the Week, November 6, 2023

"You, Emblazoned," Poem-a-Day, October 10, 2023

"Queer Time," Bear Review, Issue 10.1

“Grief Chant,” “Again Park,” “A Year,” & “How I Became Possible,” The Texas Review, All-Poetry Issue

"Dignity," The Offing


"Similitude," Denver Quarterly, Vol. 55 No. 1

"The End of Fair Weather," "Survival Gown," & "Reservation at Cold Resort," The American Poetry Review

"Anticipation of Spring," echoverse volume one: day to day

"A Surface of Needles,Tupelo Quarterly

"The Caldera," "Insomnia," & "The Year Before or After a Vulnerable Look," Forklift, OH, Issue #35-36

"Modern Weeds," TYPO

"The Leaf Mask," The Iowa Review

"Desire and the Social," BOAAT

"Tenderness," Sixth Finch


"At the Sill," The Cincinnati Review, Issue 13.2 

"Tendency," jubilat, Number 30

from "Human Knowledge," Colorado Review


"Under the Eaves," Sugar House Review, #14


"Soliloquy," Rockhurst Review, Issue 29

"What Happened," Best New Poets 2015, Guest Editor: Tracy K. Smith

"Every Body Wants to Reveal its History," Jellyfish Magazine 

"I Came into the World," Sixth Finch


"New Theory" & "Symposium," Quarterly West

"The Session," Forklift, OH, Issue #29-30

"The Painted Trees," "Augustus," & "Summit," THERMOS 

"To Sing, Awake," birds of lace 


"Lust for Science," Guernica

"Five Queer People on What 'Femme' Means to Them,VICE 

"'Things Predicted Are Always Restricted': Lyn Hejinian's Anti-Sonnets,Kenyon Review Online 

"Toward Integration," Gettysburg Review, Volume 29 Number 3

"Behind the Face of Another: A Conversation with Dan Beachy-Quick," The Spectacle

"A Conversation with Laura Walker," THERMOS

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